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The crème de la crème of interaction design.

We are a digital agency that knows how to make technology human.

Interaction design is primarily about the meeting of humans and machines.

By adopting a user-centered human approach, we both create the foundation of a well-thought-out product and the outcome of a successful experience.

Our Recipe



We believe that a good product should be simple to use and easy to understand. With thoughtful and ergonomic design, we promote the proper use of your product and accessibility for all.



We ensure that your product stands out by bringing a touch of boldness and entertainment. We enjoy bringing it to life by developing interactive content that’s both punchy and well-balanced.



Whether it’s optimizing a website or creating an app, we develop a unique experience with you, beyond style and made to last over time.



We ensure that your product meets the needs of your customers. We develop it with careful attention to the quality of its execution, to enhance its efficiency and SEO performance.

Our Team

Portait de Philippe D. Côté

Philippe D. Côté

Founder / Design & Innovation

Naturally curious, Philippe is always on the lookout for the latest and best practices in design and technology. A passionate visionary and detail-oriented, he is keen to convey his values through his work. His background in video games drives him to imagine and design educational and eco-friendly projects with a playful touch. Despite his ecological ambitions, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Some even say he secretly hugs trees...

Portait de Déric Marchand

Déric Marchand

Full-stack Development

A storyteller in a past life, Deric has always been driven by the desire to build and share worlds. Today, he channels his creativity and attention to detail into full-stack programming. Resourceful and motivated, he takes on challenges and enjoys solving problems. Sure, some problems are more pressing than others: our planet’s health being a case in point. But he believes that even that can be solved with enough collective will (and organic wine).

Our Collaborators

Portait de Cénack Kouamé

Cénack Kouamé


A superb illustrator, Cénack collaborates remotely from another continent, across the ocean! Despite the distance, his immense talent reminds us that visual communication has the power to transcend borders. In his opinion, although we’re focused on other things daily, our planet deserves everyone’s attention and care because we only have one.

Portait de Roméo Girard

Roméo Girard

Graphic Design

Passionate about graphic design from a young age, Roméo occasionally joins our team. Specializing in UI, UX, 3D, and various assets, he supports us in our growth. For him, by changing our routine slightly every day, we can achieve great things for the planet.

We help businesses grow and innovate.